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Download private server Rebrawl mod 26.165

The rebrawl Mods private server has received a new update. You will have new characters with improved gadgets and new skins at your disposal. The update will feature new custom maps and unlimited boxes.

Rebrawl mod 26.165

sprout for rebrawl 26.165

The new update added new custom maps, new characters, and changed gadgets. Now, you can completely disable or select the conditions for their appearance.

  • Damage dealing gadgets do not charge Super.
  • Friendly rooms have a setting to disable gadget use in the match.
  • Every gadget is unlocked when account is maxed.
  • Gadgets are available on reBrawl Classic and reBrawl Mods.

Features update:

  • New Brawler – Jacky.
  • New Brawler – Sprout.
  • New skins.
  • Gadgets.

New skins:

  • Mascot Darryl.
  • PSG Shelly.
  • Dark Bunny Penny.
  • College EMZ.
  • Coach Dynamike.
  • Tanuki Jessie.
  • Horus Bo.



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