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Download Brawl Stars 52.163 new brawler Charlie and skins

New Brawl Stars update with Megapig, Brawl Charlie and new skins. Added Halloween skins with Bizarro Circus theme.


Attack: The closer Charlie is to the target, the higher the attack speed. Using her circus owl tricks, she will be able to move quickly towards her opponents and attack powerfully.
Her super ability allows her to put opponents in a cocoon after hitting them. The trapped brawler's allies can wait or attack the cocoon to free whoever is inside, but the health of this cocoon will also be gradually reduced.
Charlie will be available with additional skins. Heroine Charlie with a spider theme and Floral Charlie.

What else is new in the update

  • New Hyperloads. Add new hypercharges for Jessie, Pink, Lou, Colette and Maise.
  • Added Circus Bizarro Skins.
  • Added Halloween Skins 2023.
  • Added Warrior’s Journey Skins.
  • Added Megacofre club event.
  • and add Megavault Event Gameplay.

Download Brawl Stars 52.163 with Charlie and new skins

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