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Download Nulls Brawl 55.228 apk – new brawler Lily and Draco

A new update to Nulls Brawl (55.228) with legendary fighters Lily and Jacko. New season with new mutation mechanics, the epic event of becoming Godzilla, cyberskins and monster eggs.

Brawler Lily and Draco

Lily – He’s the new mythical fighter from the Enchanted Forest.

  • Basic Attack: A fast melee attack that launches ammunition.
  • Super Power: She uses her Super to launch a plant projectile at an enemy, dealing damage and teleporting behind the target on impact.
    • Your super automatically recharges when you are near other fighters.

Draco – A new legendary fighter with a strong attack and a guitar instead of a weapon.

  • Basic Attack: He is a melee fighter who uses his guitar as a weapon that does more damage when he hits an enemy with the tip.
  • Superpower: Thanks to his Super, he gains an imposing, brutal, and legendary steed… the Inflatable Dragon!
    • Since he’s a tank, his Super recharges with every damage he takes.
    • By riding the Dragon, he can walk faster, take less damage, and get a new area attack that breathes fire!


  • Cyber Skins.
  • New Mutations change the play style of your fighters and affect their super powers, such as Bo with unlimited mines!
  • Over 30 unique mutations that you can unlock!
  • A new 3 on 3 mode called City Smash where you can become Godzilla and Mechagodzilla!
  • Earn monster eggs in this game mode and daily rewards to unlock monster rewards!
  • Unlock enough to break a huge egg for your entire club and earn huge rewards including a free hypercharge!

Download Nulls Brawl with Lily and Draco

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