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Announcements, latest news and release dates for all updates for the Supercell game can be found in this section.

Brawl Talk – October 2021

Brawl Talk - October 2021

Hello. Today, 23 October 2021, the new Braw Talk is out. The developers have told us what to expect in the new version of Brawl Stars. New fighters will be added, many new skins and of course a Halloween theme will be added. BRAWLYWOOD – NEW SEASON STARR PARK The …

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Brawl Talk 37.201 with The ASH

brawl talk - the trash knight

Brawl Talk will be released tomorrow (August 21), where we will be told about all the upcoming innovations in Brawl Stars. A new season, new skins, maps and a new brawler! What to wait for Brawl Talk All the details of the new update have become known. What’s new: Added …

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Gameplay video Skins Lou, Max, Piper

Gameplay video New Skins Lou, Max, Piper

The brawlstars 31.81 update has already been released and we found out what the new skins for max, LOU and Piper will look like. Watch the gameplay video of these fighters below. Video Skin LOU Video Skin MAX Video Skin PIPER DOWNLOAD BRAWL STARS 31.81 WITH LOU

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BRAWL TALK 11.09.2020 with Ice Brawler

New ice brawler

Tomorrow comes the new Brawl Talk, which will tell us about the new update for BRAWL STARS. This winter update should contain a new fighter, skins,and a Christmas theme. New ice brawler in BRAWL TALK 11.09.2020 The theme of this next season will be the Christmas atmosphere with snow. And …

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