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Nulls Royale 3.2 private server with healing card

Introducing the new version of the Nulls Clash 3.2 private server with season 10 and a new healing spirit map.

Nulls Royale 3.2 – season 10

Nulls Royale 3.2 - season 10

The NULLS Team has released a new small update for its server. A new map from season 10 has been added and game teams have been improved. In the near future it is worth waiting for another version already with new emojis, a new loading screen and a full 10 season. In the meantime, we suggest you download this version of the server with online battles and unlimited resources.

You have unlimited gems, gold and star points in your access. But most likely you may not even need them, since the server has implemented quick commands with which you can upgrade your account in seconds. Try to immerse yourself in the world of Clash Royale without limits!

Features update:

  • Added / nickname command – when you enter it, your nickname will be painted in a random color;
  • Removed premium, but for old premium players all cards are available and they are awarded 2000 cups;
  • To receive premium cards, you will need to perform certain tasks;
  • The / full command is now available to all players on the server;
  • Introduced an actual change in balance.


Nulls Royale 3.2

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