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Brawl Talk – October 2021

Hello. Today, 23 October 2021, the new Braw Talk is out. The developers have told us what to expect in the new version of Brawl Stars. New fighters will be added, many new skins and of course a Halloween theme will be added.


The new season will have Starr Studios waiting for us, with new events, new bravlers, and new prize skins.

New chromatic fighter Lola is the star of the new season. She is a Browleywood star and has a very high opinion of herself and is willing to do anything to stay in the spotlight. She also loves everything bright and shiny.

What to expect in the new version of Brawl Stars:

  • New brawler Lola.
  • New skins – B-800, Wattson Kong, Captain Crow, Gale Squeaks Hunting, Buzz Director..
  • New pin.
  • New gold skins.

When will the new update of Brawl Stars be released?

New updates planned for around October 25

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