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Download Among US 2021.4.12 APK Latest 2021

An update for the game Among US has been released. Added quick chat, added new music and sounds, and much more.

New Update Among US 2021.4.12

The game takes place on a spaceship where the team members need to find traitors. You and your friends split into two teams. One of them is traitors, and the second is a team member. The first will have to prepare the ship for flight and find the traitors, and the second will have to kill the entire crew, or destroy the ship. The team can start voting to identify the traitor and get rid of him. Traitors will be able to sabotage and ambush.

CHANGELOG AMONG US (14 apr.2021):

  • Improved frequent responses for quick chat.
  • Improved compatibility with the latest android version.
  • Fixed shadows and visibility issues.
  • Fixing mobile controls.


Download Among US 2021.3.31 APK Latest 2021

A hacked version of Among Us is already available. All skins are already open here and many mods are available.

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