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Among as cheat mod menu download latest version 2020.11.17

Download the latest version of the cheat menu for Among US now.

Update from 26 menu Mod menu from axey v2020. 11.17 a

  • Setting the speed of movement. By default, the slider is set to 0 – this is the standard speed of your character’s movement. If you move it to the right, you will start moving faster on the map.
  • Control the lighting on the ship. By enabling this feature, you will highlight all darkened areas of the map and be able to watch your teammates.
  • Mode “Fake imposter”. Allows you to turn into a fake traitor (for the function to work, you need to be the Creator of the room).
  • Disabling cooldown on kills. When this option is enabled, the “Kill” skill does not have a cooldown.
  • “Show imposters”. When this feature is activated, all players with the role of “imposter” start to be highlighted on the map.
  • Disabling the limit on calling emergency meetings. Now you can call emergency meetings as much as you need.
  • Walking through walls. Your character will be able to pass through any obstacles.
  • Color change. Allows you to change the color of your character at any time

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