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Download Squad Busters for android – The Global release

Squad Busters launches worldwide. We’re ready for the launch. Are you ready for the download a new game? Download a new game Squad Busters today!

About Squad Busters

Squad Busters is a competitive action RPG that allows players to team up with other players for intense 3v3 or 5v5 battles. The game features over 125 heroes that can be chosen from several of Supercell’s core IPs: Cartoon Farm, Clash of Clans, Island Wizards, Royal Warfare, and Wild Busters. Each character has its own characteristics that will appeal to many players, so which hero will you choose? Each fight is unique and interesting! Build up your squad, defeat the leader and battle with friends by collecting and awakening characters from Supercell games, including various heroes from Clash of Clans, Wild Bunch, Cartoon Farm, Battle Royal and Island Force! Epic battles feature 10 players, the maps are varied, the gameplay is diverse, and the ups and downs make every fight new and exciting! Collect the most gems in the game!

Over [25] characters to merge and awaken Beginning characters in cute childlike form go on a journey, then awaken into high-level characters with cool looks and powerful abilities! Random events take the fun to the next level Dozens of different random events and diverse character lineups make every battle unique! Chase trophy kobolds, smash piñatas, recruit royal ghosts to battle your opponents, and more! Each battle lets you try out new tactics and discover new surprises! Action, strategy, and party fun all in one! Get on your feet! Hit the ground! Throw huge bombs! Use a mix of characters with power, resources and agility to create a powerful squad! Choose 3 of the same characters to turn into a huge combined squad! Play steadily, building up your strength, or meet your opponents face-to-face and battle other players. You have more than one path to victory! AMAZING WORLDS AND LOVED CHARACTERS Explore exciting new worlds, maps with different storylines, discover unique scenarios, leaders, traps, and unlock your favorite heroes and villains along the way! Have fun with friends and family!

Download Squad Busters global release for android

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