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Download Null’s Brawl 56.274 with Berry and Clancy

New epic fighter Berry, mythical clancy, classic fights, mega boxes, improved chat and lots of new skins. Temporary in-game events with the return of Mega Boxes and a classic profile icon for all players.


Barry’s new epic brawler

He lives in the same place as Chester and Mandy. He doesn’t like their antics, but somewhere in the back of his mind he realises that they are his family.

Attack: Berry attacks with melted ice, which will damage enemies and heal your teammates over time.

Super: While using Super, Berry lunges at enemies with his horn.

New Mythic Brawler Clancy

Clancy is a damage-focused Mythic Brawler who can upgrade 3 times per match.

Attack: Clancy attacks with paintball guns, the number of shots depends on his level.

Super: Automated paintball queue, the range of which also depends on his level.

At level one, he fires a single charge and fires a queue when using his Ulta. At level two, he fires two shots in a row and his Super covers a larger area. At level three, he fires from his tail, which allows him to fire three charges in different directions, and he moves much faster when using his Super.


Two new timed modes

The Classic Combat event will feature two new classic-style game modes, Mirror Match and Drumroll.

Mirror Match: In Mirror Match, all players play as the same fighter. The first fighters to appear in the game (21 in total) will be used in turn.

Drumroll: A special mode where each fighter you defeat turns you into the fighter you defeated. You have to play a certain number of fighters. If you reach the last one and defeat another player, you win.

Both modes have a special modifier: Brawlers have 9 Strength, 1 Star Power and no Gadgets or Hypercharges.

Download Null’s Brawl (56.274) brawlers Berry and Clancy

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