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Download Brawlstars 33.118

The fifth season of Brawl Pass, new skins, new hero Colonel Ruffs and more.

Colonel Ruffs

Introducing the 5th season “Coooper Starr”.

Colonel Ruffs is in charge of the Starr starship.
He is a skilled strategist, a chromatic fighter, and he is also… a dog?

The main attack is two projectiles of a parallel trajectory
that bounce off the walls. Similar to Riko’s attack,
but only two projectiles at a time, which gives room for experimentation.

New skins


  • D4R-RY1 (Brawl Pass Skin – Tier 1)
  • Dark Lord Spike (149 Gems – Seasonal Lunar New Year Skin)
  • Navigator Colette (79 Gems) – Seasonal Lunar New Year Skin)
  • Space Ox Bull (149 Gems) – Seasonal Lunar New Year Skin)


  • Smooth Lou (79 Gems)
  • Dark Tide Carl (10.000 Star Points)
  • Ronin Ruffs (Brawl Pass Skin – Tier 70)

Download Brawl stars 33.118 with Ruffs – app

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