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Official update

In this section you will find all new Official updates of the original game Brawl Stars

Download Brawl Stars 42.356 with Eva

New brawler eva

Brawl Stars’ new release on February 26. The launch of the new Season 11 Brawl Pass, a new fighter Eva and more in the Brawl Stars update. What’s New New brawler Eva.A new season of the BioDome.Added ten new gadgets.Added new skins.New gold and silver skins. Download Brawl Stars 42.356 …

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Download Brawl Stars 41.144 with Grom

new brawlers grom and fang

New fighters Grom and Fang. New 1 on 1 game mode – Duel. New season Year of the Tiger. NEW BRAWLERS GROM AND FANG Added new brawler Grom.Added new Brawler Fang.Gift Time. Open the game from tomorrow until the next two weeks (December 26), and you can exchange free gifts …

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Download Brawl Stars 38.159 with MEG


Release 6.10.2021 In the new version we are waiting for the sixth legendary brawler Meg. New skins, new voice acting, and more What’s New Hi friends. Today came out brawl talk in which we were shown a new legendary fighter and new skins. All of this will appear in the …

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Download Brawl Stars 37.238 with Ash

new brawler ash

A new update of Brawl Stars with a new eighth season brawl pass Once in a battle , new brawler ASH, new skins and much more. What’s new New season Once in a battle.New Brawler Ash.New Fabulous Skins.New pic. NEW BRAWLER ASH Ash is a medium-distance brawler who creates a …

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