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Download Brawl Stars 34.141 with robot STU

New brawler Stu is in a hurry for the new Brawl Stars update. In the new version, we will have a new brawler, a star league, new skins and much more.

New brawler STU

STU is a sentient robot used to test toys in Starr Park.

Attack: STU fires bursts of pyrotechnic shots from its fingers as a primary attack. These shots are fired in a straight line, and it takes a single hit on the enemy to charge him super.

Super: With its super, STU can move quickly over a short distance. This charge pushes opponents and leaves a trail of fire that damages opponents who pass through it.

Brawl Talk – march 2021


Download Nulls Brawl 34.141 mod with STU

Download Brawl Stars 34.151 with STU

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