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Download Brawlstars 31.81-LOU, season 4 Brawl Pass and others

Today 11.11.2020 released a new update BrawlStars with major changes. Added season 4 Bravl Pass in which there will be a new Fighter, Lou, new skins and much more interesting.

What was added to Brawlstars 31.81

brawlstars 31.81

  • Season 4 Brawl Pass-Fun holidays
  • 70 levels of content
  • Lou’s new chromatic brawler
  • Exclusive skins: Bellhop Mike and king Lou
  • Skins Nani Piper and max.
  • Major Map Maker updates!

New fighter-Lou.

Lou is a fun snow cone that is always fun. He’s so positive that it annoys the hell out of Mr. P.

The main attack-shoots snow cones, which impose the effect of Frost. When the target has accumulated enough ice, it will be stunned for 1 second.

Superpower-throws syrup from snow cones, which creates a slippery surface on the ground.

Gadget-Lu freezes, becoming invulnerable and unable to perform any actions for 1 second.

Star power-the super Realm applies frost to enemies.

New skin:

King Lou (Brawl Pass, Level 70)
Porter Mike (Brawl Pass, level 1)
Sally Nani (LINE FRIENDS) | 150 gems-end of November
Choco Piper (LINE FRIENDS) | 80 gems – December
Kony Max (LINE FRIENDS) | 150 gems – December

Other skin and character improvements:

8-Bit face animation Update

improved visual effects for silver / gold skins
Now they have a BLING effect!

DOWNLOAD Brawlstars 31.81 – the LATEST VERSION

DOWNLOAD BRAWL STARS 31.81 – Direct link

DOWNLOAD BRAWL STARS 31.81 – Mediafire link

LOU and new skins will appear with the start of season 4 of BRAWL PASS!!!

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