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Update Brawl Stars 26.170 – New brawler Jacky and new skins

Released a new official update of the game Brawl Stars 26.170 in which you are waiting for a lot of interesting new products. New character Jacky, new skins, new skills, and more.



We present a new update of the game in which you will get acquainted with new fighters, new skills-Gadgets, and new skins.

GADGETS – new unique skill for characters starting from level 7. After you upgrade your fighters to level 7, you will be able to open gadgets for them in the boxes. These skills are unique for each fighter and you can use them in battles.

Features of the update from 07.04.2020:

  • New Brawlers JACKY and SPROUT.
  • New game balance.
  • New skins.
  • Changes in maps.
  • New game environment.
  • The new accounting system outsiders.

DOWNLOAD BRAWL STARS 26.170 APK – link google drive



Main Attack – Groundbreaker: Jacky hops on her Jackhammer to shake the ground all around. Enemies caught too close will get a pounding!
Super Ability – Holey Moley! Jacky drills a hole in the ground, pulling in foes. She is partially shielded during her Super.
Gadget – Speed boost: Jacky gets a burst of energy and moves faster!
Star Power 1: Reflects damage received back to enemies who are close to Jacky
Star Power 2: Passively reduces all incoming damage

  • Rare: ultra-rare.
  • Type: heavyweight.
  • Range: small.
  • She deals damage to nearby enemies, wielding a jackhammer!


sprout new brawler

Sprout is a gardener who likes to sow grain bombs. Its super and gadgets are related to botany. He is helped by nature itself, super is a barrier of bushes, and the gadget is a compost Chopper.

  • Rarity: mythical.
  • Movement speed: normal.
  • Attack: Serobaba — sprout throws a complete seed ball, which is downloaded on the field, and then explodes. If the ball hits an enemy, it explodes on contact.
  • Range: Normal.
  • Recharge rate: normal.
  • Super: Barrier-sprout uses his super grain to create a barrier of thick vines that temporarily stops enemies.
  • Range: long.
  • Gadget: Compost shredder-sprout eats a Bush, restoring 3000 health points!
  • Charges per match: 3.
  • Star power: Svargrond Thermobaby do not fall into enemies of the world, covering a large radius.
  • Star power: Photosynthesis-sprout activates a shield that partially protects it from all attacks while it is in the bushes.

New game balance


Decreased Active Noise Canceling duration from 2.0s to 1.5s.


Increased delay between Main Attacks by 25%.
Decreased Main Attack damage from 1300 to 1200.
Decreased Pneumatic Booster movement speed effect from 38% to 30%.


Decreased Health from 3400 to 3200.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue which displayed Underdog in Championship Challenge and Power Play.
Fixed a bug which allowed Rosa’s Gadget to hide IKE Turret from being targeted by enemy pets such as Penny’s Mortar.
Fixed a crash issue in Spring Trap.
Robo Rumble: Fixed an issue with the Robo Boss sometimes getting stuck when spawning.
Fixed an issue with pet/turret related activated Gadgets. Some of them were considering their last placement when being activated.


DOWNLOAD BRAWL STARS 26.170 APK – link google drive


How to install nulls brawl

  1. Download the app from the link.
  2. Install the application by selecting the app from the “Downloads” directory of your phone.Follow the in-app installation wizard as you do for any other app.
  3. Allow the app installation from unknown sources from the settings panel of your phone.
  4. Give all the permissions required for installation.
  5. Open the app.

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